August 6-7 Workshop for Candidates


August 6-7 Workshop for Candidates



Politics is becoming more competitive than ever before. In order to enhance your chances of winning an election campaign, you require a clear and competitive strategy, knowledge and skills. Our program focuses on the fundamentals of a winning campaign for office. Savvypol’s Candidate Workshop is an intensive 2-day program designed to equip candidates and campaign managers with all the necessary skills for a winning political campaign. The curriculum covers a wide cross section of materials around how to manage or contribute to a winning campaign.

Program Schedule

The program runs from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon. A typical program day starts promptly at 9am. Presentations, discussions, and workshops run throughout the day with multiple breaks and a catered lunch. No evening sessions.

Workshop Venue

August 6-7, Location To Be Announced

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2016 Nairobi Training Curriculum

Before the Campaign Begins: The 5 Cs

Why Campaigns Fail: Time for an Honest Assessment of Yourself
Overview – The 5 Cs


Appearances Count: Building a Campaign

What Goes Into A Winning Strategy?
Why Are You Running?
How to Conduct Research & Why It Matters
Telling Your Story: You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression
Building Your Voter Universe: Targeting, Microtargeting, Supervoters and more
Developing Your Messaging & Issue Positions

Budgeting Your Campaign
Writing Your Campaign Plan
Staffing Your Campaign

Political Speeches

I’ve Built a Campaign. What Do I Do Now?

How to Raise Money
How to Build a Constituency
How to Recruit Volunteers

How Deal with the Press
Campaign Scheduling: Where Should You Be Right Now?
Consultants: What Do They Really Do?/What You Need To Know
Spouse & Family: What They Should Expect During a Campaign & How They Can Help

Turning Your Campaign Efforts into Votes

What Type of Election?
Developing Paid Campaign Materials
Field Operations
Persuasion vs. Mobilization
How To Recruit, Manage and Train Volunteers: Converting Supporters
Getting On the Ballot
GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Efforts
Election Day

Our Facilitators

We are absolutely committed to maintaining a partisan balance among the campaign consultants and political experts who speak as part of the program. All our speakers have a wealth of experience in campaigns and elections. These trainings will be led by Ben Eisenberg, Nancy Bocskor and Kipngeno Kirui.


The application process is open to all those interested in running for political office or those who participate in campaign management. A commitment to fully participate in the program is required. The priority deadline for applications is 11:59PM ON SATURDAY, JULY 20, 2016. To ensure your best chances of acceptance, we highly recommend completing the application by this deadline. Those who apply by that date will be given priority.

For more information contact Kipngeno K Duncan at 0729393849 or email

There are few partial sponsorship available. Requests for financial aid will be reviewed by Savvypol Team