How do you choose the right Campaign Manager or Field Director for your campaign? Where do you look for them? What skills should a Communications Director or a Finance Director have? After years of working on campaigns, we understand what skill sets match the various campaign positions, and we know where to find people with these skills. Through our extensive personal networks in the political world, we can assemble you the best staff possible to help you achieve your goals.

For candidates, we are able to provide screened and qualified campaign staffers that will suit your needs so that you do not have to spend time conducting a prolonged search for a knowledgeable campaign manager, finance director or field director. Whether you’re running for Mayor of Mombasa or Auditor of Arusha, our massive network of top-notch political operatives spans a multitude of countries and parties. For a nominal, nonrefundable fee we will conduct a job search and applicant screening for your campaign and present you with up to three pre-screened, qualified job applicants.