Political & Advocacy Campaigns

Once you’ve made the decision to run for public office, a tremendous amount of work still lies ahead, including finding an office, filing paperwork and hiring a staff. How do you find the right office space? What papers must be filed with the local, state or federal government to solidify your candidacy? At SavvyPol, we know the necessary steps for setting up a complete and professional campaign from the start. We’ll clearly lay out everything that must happen and see to it that the plan is executed to the fullest.


After years of experience working on campaigns, we’ve observed that too many quality candidates fail to reach their goals, because while they desire a victory, they may not be able to navigate the complex and expensive nature of political campaigns. Before you decide to run for office, it is critical to determine if your candidacy is viable. At SavvyPol, we help guide you through this process by offering a competitively priced, one-of-a-kind Campaign Startup Package, complete with all the tools your campaign needs prior to launch: budget and finance planning, extensive research, message and policy development, and campaign strategy design. Our goal is to simplify the path to success for our clients, showing them what’s possible and how to accomplish their goals.

Interest group endorsements have become an integral part of the political landscape as special interest groups routinely attempt to influence election outcomes. These endorsements can mean a monetary donation, more publicity or credibility for your cause, and perhaps much more. At SavvyPol, we understand the need to be proactive in procuring the most resounding endorsements for your cause. Using both our existing relationships and through cultivating new ones on your behalf, we help you to develop relationships with organizations so that you can acquire the endorsements that matter most.

Whether you are a private-sector individual, corporation, small business, or non-profit organization, public sector decisions have an enormous impact on your life and your business. Lobbying campaigns can be used for a variety of purposes: to influence the shape of already proposed legislation, to prevent new regulations from coming into effect, or to propose beneficial legislation. At SavvyPol, our lobbying campaigns are designed to provide access to the elected officials who make important regulatory and legislative decisions that impact your business. Our goal is to make your voice heard, loud and clear. We ask policymakers to take specific positions on specific pieces of legislation and work with you to achieve significant results for your organization.

At SavvyPol, we help you find the most ideal space to host your event, whether it be for non-profit fundraising, political fundraising, issue awareness, professional networking, or another cause. Our expertise will take all the stresses of event coordination and management off your hands. We’ll make sure your event meets the needs of whoever you wish to serve, be they young professionals or members of the U.S Congress.

A candidate’s time is his or her most precious resource. At SavvyPol we want our candidates to maximize their time on the campaign trail by attending events, talking with constituents, and fundraising. Scheduling and Advance services can help make sure our candidates don’t waste time sitting in traffic or waiting for a delayed flight. With an eye towards public image, we plan the most appropriate locations for our candidates to give speeches or host events, and scout these locations ahead of time so as to amplify the candidate’s message. We make sure that venues are prepared for a candidate’s arrival long before he or she steps foot on the premises, so that the candidate will truly shine in the spotlight.

Every candidate for office needs clear, well-developed policy positions on which to run. At some point, you will be expected to articulate the specific issues and policies you will support once you are in office, and it is essential that you are well-versed on these. Through consultation, we will determine the issues most critical to you. Following an exhaustive research process, we will work with you to develop your positions on these issues. We will help you to translate these issues into concise, memorable sound bites and sensible, defensible policy recommendations. Once this process is complete, we will also show you how to exploit the opposition's position (or lack thereof) on these issues.

White papers, also known as policy or position papers, are used by a wide variety of organizations to educate others and to offer practical solutions for decision makers. Candidates running for public office must produce white papers that clearly outline their policy positions in order to demonstrate competency, practicality, and a dedication to their campaign message. Non-profit organizations often use white papers to educate the public and inform policy makers of issues about which they feel strongly. Commercial white papers are commonly by marketing and sales teams to highlight a particular business issue or emerging technology. At SavvyPol, our team of policy and research specialists can help your organization produce exhaustive, incisive white papers for both internal and external use.