Why Choose SavvyPol?

• SavvyPol brings together the best of American political consulting strategies, practices, trainings and operatives to professionalize African campaigns and give our candidates a competitive advantage.

• While incorporating the best of American-style campaigning, SavvyPol is managed and majority owned by Africans. This means our consultants aren’t forced to hide in their hotels like their British and American counterparts.

• Our global network of expertise spans industries from agriculture to education, transportation and infrastructure to mining. Whether you need help developing macroeconomic policy or want the best in green technologies, SavvyPol can help meet your lobbying, advocacy and investment needs across the continent. 

• Our Kenya and Ghana-based consultants bring a greater understanding of policy and politics across Africa than foreign-based firms.

• Our expertise is in digital media and communications, which means that even when we are facing an entrenched dictator who controls all state media, we still have the expertise and ability to get a candidate’s message out to the most people for the lowest cost.

• SavvyPol is the only political consultancy in Africa offering training programs for political candidates and their staffs. Our classes teach politicians how to run for office, train campaign and party operatives on best practices, encourage women to engage the political process and spread democracy by teaching quality candidates what it takes to win.