Job Collins Okello

Political Director

Job Collins Okello is the Political Director of SavvyPol Consulting Group, with expertise in election campaigns and strategic consulting, and a niche in center-right politics across Africa and North America. Job has more than ten years of experience in the civil society, business and political sectors, specifically focusing on democratic governance, private enterprises and political consulting. Job’s early career involved working with International Planned Parenthood Federation, Summit Foundation, Uganda Youth Network and Council of Africa, among others. He was Chief Strategist for a presidential campaign in Uganda's 2016 elections, and has advised candidates across the East and Central African region.

Additionally, Job is a proponent of free-market systems and cherishes the values and principles of free enterprises, individual liberty and responsibility, limited government regulations and strong national defense. He holds an MBA, B.Com and Diplomas in Legal Studies, Project Management, and Global Governance.