Graphic Design

Campaign signs line the sidewalks and hang in front windows during election season, but how many actually stand out and catch people’s attention? Simply having a sign does not guarantee a boost in name recognition or campaign visibility. Our team of professional designers and copy editors will design your signs to catch the eye and make sure your name is remembered by all who see it.

To create a lasting impression, it’s essential that you have a professionally designed logo that consumers or voters identify with your organization. Finding the right balance between over stylized graphics and those that are too simple is an exceptionally difficult task. At SavvyPol, our team of professional designers will work with you to create a graphic logo that is aesthetically pleasing and truly represents the central pillars on which your organization is built.

Professionally designed literature is essential for any business, non-profit or political campaign. Your literature is your representation of you to the public; often it is the only information an individual will find out about you during a campaign. What does a poorly laid out brochure say about your company? What do palm cards that are off message say about your campaign? Are your fliers telling the best possible story about your cause? Our team of in-house designers and copy editors will work closely with your campaign to ensure that all campaign materials are professional and in line with your message.

Customized animation can be a great way to reach constituents and potential customers. Let SavvyPol help you brainstorm, design, and develop animations that will help further the goals of your organization. Using cutting-edge animation technology, we can bring an idea to life in a way that you never thought possible.

Make your web and print design stand out with custom illustration from SavvyPol. Our team of illustrators and designers can create eye-catching illustrations for any occasion. Whether you need illustrations for a children’s book, posters for a concert or are just trying to spice up your quarterly reports, SavvyPol will provide you with custom illustration to make you stand out.

Whether campaigning for office or heading out on a book tour, consider a great way to improve your name recognition and catch people’s eye: investing in customized vehicle graphics or wraps. At SavvyPol, we understand the importance of traveling in style and looking professional at all times. That’s why our team of expert designers will work alongside your organization to produce a graphic that tells the whole world who you are and what you do. After design and printing we can arrange for your custom vehicle graphic to be applied to any car, truck or bus at a discounted rate.