Eddy Nyadwa

Mr. Eddy Nyadwa got his start in Journalism as a young teenager when he founded his high school’s journalism club. He carried on with this at Daystar University and became a scribe for the student run newspaper, Involvement. He also briefly served as the Deputy Bureau Chief in Nairobi. During his studies at Daystar he also served as the Student President of the University Student Council. He was also the Chairperson of the Communication Students Club. Upon completion of his studies at Daystar he was awarded Vice- Chancellor’s Award for his prolific and exemplary leadership, extracurricular and academic achievements.

After University, Eddy was hired as a research assistant by the international charity organization Concern Worldwide. At Concern he oversaw a project for Indicator Development for Surveillance of Urban Emergencies, (IDSUE) which aims to help predict and avert future urban food security crises as well as an education project focusing on providing free primary and secondary school education. Eddy was then hired by Mediamax Network Limited to be a bilingual reporter for K24 Television. While he was assigned to the Political Desk, due to his versatility Eddy also covered cultural, human interest, investigative and business news.

A Founding Partner of SavvyPol, Eddy Nyadwa works as a marketer and business development specialist for multiple corporate clients. A journalist, marketer, and researcher by training, Eddy is also a personal coach and trainer on personal image, branding and etiquette.