Josiah Adiema Adiema

Josiah first felt the call to enter politics when he worked as a Camp Manager for the ACK’s Internally Displaced Persons Camp. For 6 months he oversaw the Kisumu Response Team, providing disaster and humanitarian relief as families struggled to recover from the heart-wrenching violence of the 2007 elections. It was this experience that greatly shaped Josiah and his commitment to democracy.

A former national debate champion when he was a student at Uganda Christian University, Josiah was instrumental in the founding of the Kenyan National Debate Council. Today Josiah is the CEO of KNDC and serves as professional debate trainer. Josiah has designed debate training programs for Global Platform-Nairobi, a youth training hub for ActionAid. The practical and online trainings are focused on empowering young people to engage in policy and politics. As a journalist, he has contributed articles to Ugandan and Kenyan newspapers including The UCU Standard, New Vision and The Weekly Observer. Josiah speaks English, Swahili, French and Dholuo. He is a loving husband to Scarlet Chebet Chemarum and blessed to have two wonderful sons, Jeremiah JoeKlein Adiema and Joram Jordan Adiema. He hopes to be the first ever African leader of The Landmark Forum.