August 8 How To Start A Business Workshop


August 8 How To Start A Business Workshop

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Session 1:
The stages/life cycle of a business. How do you determine if your idea for a business is a good one? How do you determine what is or is not a viable product? What is a minimum viable product? Different types of business structures & how to protect yourself. Do you need business partners? How will you choose your business partners? What makes a good business partner? How much of your business should you give away to get the help you need?

Session 2:
Business Plans. What are they used for? What are the most important components of the plan? How do you make financial projections?  What members of a team are necessary for your business? How much money do you need to start and grow your business? What is an elevator pitch and how do you develop one? How do you determine your biggest obstacles to success and how to overcome them?

Session 3:
Marketing your product. Branding. Marketing Plans. Refining your elevator pitch. Who is your market? What are your demographics? Who is your competition? How are they reached by your competition? How will you do it differently? What are the parts of your marketing that you don’t have on board? How do you find the experts that you need? Do you need international marketing expertise? What are your impediments to success?

Session 4:
How do I raise money?  How do I get money from lenders, equity investors, gifts and donations, and corporate and individual sponsors. How much do you want to raise? How much of the business can you tolerate someone else owning?  Are they going to be able to have a say in your business?  What to do once you get funding. How to spend your money wisely.

Course Facilitator:

The class will be taught by Steve Replin. 

Steve Replin is an entrepreneur, attorney and business coach with over 40 years of experience in the areas of starting, analyzing, implementing and accelerating the growth of new and growing businesses. Within his law practice, he focuses on the protection of intellectual property, new and small business issues, contract preparation, negotiation, business formation, business funding, and other transactional matters. His practice focuses on entertainment and fashion law where he represents film makers, writers, musicians, studios, museums, agents and managers, and all others in the creative arts.

Steve has been an asset-based lender since 1977 and by the late 1990’s had built one of the largest private lending banks in the country. He has served in leadership positions in Regatta Capital Ltd., Cherry Hill Capital, Del Mar Income Partners Ltd. and Monet Entertainment Group Ltd. Steve is the author of the Hard Money Book Series including his book “Where to Go When The Bank Says No!”  which deals with the issue of where entrepreneurs can go to obtain financing without utilizing a bank.

Steve received his law degree from the University of Denver, and both an MBA in corporate finance and investments, and a Master of Law Degree (LL.M) in taxation New York University. Additionally, he is a certified public accountant (CPA) in Colorado (currently on inactive status).

For many years, he has been involved with the American Heart Association, serving over time as the Director of the Denver Metro Division, Chairman of the Colorado/Wyoming affiliate and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Desert Mountain affiliate. He also runs a Political Action Committee dedicated to protecting and preserving endangered species. He is on the board of directors of the Colorado Regional Anti-Defamation League.